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Polyester Splint KSP645
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Polyester Splint KSP645

Klida orthopedic splint is composed by manifold layers of orthopedic casting tapes and specially non woven fabrics. It is characterized by better viscosity, fast drying time, high rigidness after dying and light weight. Due to better bio compatibility, po

1.High Strength,Light Weight: The consumption of orthopedic splint will be 1/3 of plaster cast at the same fixed position.

3.Fast hardening:Hardening process of orthopedic casting splint is very fast and it only takes 3to 5min to start hardening and can bear weight after 20min in contrast with 24hours hardening for plaster cast.

5.Good waterproof:Don’t worry to be soaked in water for the second time and it is acceptable to take a bath and do hydrotherapy when wore with the orthopedic casting tape.

7.Wide range of application:External fixing of orthopedics,correction utilities of orthopedic surgery accessibility tools for artificial limb,support tools,local protective support of burn surgery etc.

How to Use

2. Unpack it and take orthopedic splint out.Dip into normal temperature water for 5-6seconds and squeeze 2-3times.

4. Cover the orthopedic splint into the needed place and wind it with bandages.



Upper limb

P 7.5cm x 90cm/pc

1Lower limb

  10.0cm x 40cm/pc

15Upper limb,Lower limb

P 10.0cm x 75cm/pc

1Upper limb,Lower limb

P  12.5cm x 75cm/pc

1Upper limb,Lower limb

P  12.5cmx 115cm/pc

5Lower limb

P15cm x 75cm/pc

1Lower limb

P15cm x 115cm/pc

5Lower limb


Operator must wear rubber glove in order to prevent polyurethane sticking together with the skin.Use it immediately once it is unpacked and it is not allowed to unpack several ones at the same time.Pay attention to the package and make sure it is sealed well during the transportation so as to prevent hardness on the way.If any quality issues found,please contact with producers or agencies just in time.